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Between Friends is a show about a well accomplished group of friends from LA that lead very different lives. The one thing they have in common is their weekly dinner date. The weekly dinners become a comical therapy session for the women and their hit and miss love lives. Each woman has to learn how to deal with tragedy, being there for each other, and learning that love may have been right in front of them all along.



The WHY behind the show


LGBTQ characters are regularly portrayed in entertainment media as unhappy, with a life full of problems which often end in them being killed off. One of the biggest slaps in the face was in 2015 when, on the same day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in the US, a lesbian character on Grey’s Anatomy cheated on her partner.


Turns out, this trend is nothing new. For over 125 years, writers have used this narrative. Initially, it was a way for gay authors to write about gay characters without coming under fire for breaking laws and social mandates against the “endorsement” of homosexuality. However, the “Bury Your Gays” trope persists today in a time and social context in which it is no longer necessary to give gay characters and stories bad endings in order to be published. And as character after character have been killed off, show fans have started taking notice that this negative trend disproportionately relates to lesbians and bisexual women.


Why does this matter? After all, everyone has bad days, and everyone eventually dies. Consider what message this is sending to the teenage girl who is trying to decide if she’s going to embrace her sexuality or keep it a shameful secret. Consider what message this is sending to the 35-year-old newly divorced woman who is trying to muster the courage to come out to her friends and family. This trend tells those women that nothing good awaits lesbians; that their life is going to be filled with hurt and disappointment and that being a high functioning, happy individual is impossible if you’re a lesbian. And that could not be further from the truth.


Between Friends portrays the truth to members of the LGBTQ community and to the world that it’s possible – and very common – to be “different” (to be uniquely yourself) AND have a happy, healthy, high functioning life full of enriching relationships...even if you’re a lesbian. As a production team, we are also committed to sharing that truth with the world.